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Tara’s Mixed Ability and Dynamic 45 Pilates classes are classical but always with unique and contemporary variations to promote whole body fitness.


Tara’s Barre is challenging, empowering and spicy!  Tara’s Barre classes leave no muscle untouched.  A full body workout that is a fluid, high energy but low impact fusion of Dance, Pilates and cardio elements.  Muscles will shake and quake and you’ll leave feeling like a superhero.


Cult favourite Dance Cardio-Sculpt is a full body, innovative and fun cardio workout, combining the dynamic high intensity of dance cardio, core strengthening of Pilates, and sculpting of barre.  Think 80's aerobics.  Feel good endorphins are off the charts!   

Pumped Up Strength

This NEW class is one of a kind, functionally efficient workout with plenty of upper and lower body compound movements to keep the body and brain working hard!!  Set to fun music as always 😉 this class will challenge your body in new ways, build muscle, boost energy, reduce stress and so much more!


Angola Capoeira classes, Fridays 5pm-7pm.

What is Capoeira? Capoeira is an Afro Brazilian art form that incoporates elements of martial arts, games, music and dance. Benefits are improved balance, coordination, well-being, fun, stress relif, strength, confidence. All ages welcome.  Join us for some beautiful movement and music.

Prices for this years Angola Capoeira classes.
Note all prices are monthly base. 
6 Classes £55.  -   8 Classes £65
10 Classes £75.  -  £12 Drop In.

Angola Capoeira image .jpg


Ella's dance fitness class is a fun and energetic packed full session. 60 minutes of dance fitness workouts (all styles you could think of) along to upbeat songs from all decades

Class is broken down into pulse raisers, cardio/HIIT, body conditioning, stretch and relaxation. Stretching and lengthening all the bodies muscles and completing the class with a mindful self-care affirmation to take home with you. This class is designed to focus on both physical and mental health


No dance experience required, just great vibes.

Tuesdays 7.30pm

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